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Our Vision and Mission

As our name suggests, we think it is important to be distinctly Reformed in our theology and evangelical in our practice. Reformed theology is the rich understanding of God as expressed in the Scriptures. It glorifies God by focusing on the redemption we have in Christ through grace. The word Evangelical in our name reminds us of the Great Commission in which Christ sends us out into the world to share the news of redemption. With an evangelical spirit, we are salt and light in the world, loving people who are still walking in sin and in need of the atoning work of Christ. 


Our faith is expressed in the two statement of faiths that follow. One expresses the content of our faith (Reformed faith) and our the other our commitment to sharing the gospel with others (Evangelical faith). As part of the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia founded by Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong, we desire to be faithful to the Word of God. Hence, our worship service is centered on a careful exposition of the Word of God.

Our desire is that each of us might become disciples rooted in Christ, growing in His Word and sharing the love, peace, and joy that Christ has first given to us through His suffering on the cross. We aim to build strong communities and fellowships and impact the rest of Indonesia through our faith.

Our Statement of Reformed Faith

We believe in the only living and true God, everlasting and His existence depends upon himself, which transcends and precedes all creation; who in eternity exists in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God; Who created the universe out of nothing by His powerful Word; who sustains and governs all things that have been created by Him and maintain His eternal statutes.


We believe that the Old Testament and the New Testament is the perfect revelation of God that is inspired by the Holy Spirit to the authors thus the Bible is completely inerrant in the original manuscripts. The Bible gives testimony of the Holy Spirit, and is the sole and absolute authority for faith and life, both for individuals, churches, as well as communities. We believe that the Bible is inerrant of all the things that it taught, including matters concerning the history and science.

We believe that human beings were created uniquely in God's image, created with holiness, justice and true recognition; and was commanded by God to understand and to live up to God's thoughts as a devout covenant custodian: he was entrusted to govern and rule over God's other creations for the glory of God. We believe that all aspects of life must be lived under the commandment of God as an expression of obedience to God's laws.

We believe that what has happened in Adam as representative of humanity, results in the entire human race falling into sin and death; spiritually dead, deserving the just wrath of God, without hope and without help for salvation, either from himself or from outside himself or even from the world.

We believe that God in eternity has made covenant with his chosen people, with Jesus Christ as the Head; that through the perfect obedience of Jesus Christ and His death as a substitute for man on the cross, Christ has satisfied the demands of God's wrath against his people.

Through the power of the resurrection of Christ, God continually calls and gather His people from all ages and all nations to be a royal priesthood and a holy nation for His glory.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Triune God, true God and true man, the only savior of mankind; which has been conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary; lived a sinless life, was crucified to death and rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of God the Father to intercede for his people as the High Priest, the victorious and full of understanding; that He will come again in his glorious body, visually and suddenly to judge the living and the dead.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Triune God, the Divine inspirator of the Bible, that convicts people of their sins through His Word, regenerating them, so that the growing faith and repentance to Jesus Christ bring people to salvation; He equips believers with the power to obey God's laws; He gave the Church of Jesus Christ gifts for ministry of the saints; He intercedes for believers with unspoken groaning for and until the day of the glorification of God's people.

We believe in one holy universal Church, composed of all the elect of God of all times which are now partially absorbed in the local churches; The local church should be an expression of the nature of holy and universal Church by maintaining purity in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, by giving precedence to unity based on truth in the bond of love between the various local churches and denominations that exist, to radiate the glory of God.

Our Statement of Evangelical Faith
  1. I believe in the Gospel as the power of God to save everyone who believes.

  2. I believe in one God in Three Persons, the Creator of man and the world, Supreme Judge for all the sins and the source of human salvation.

  3. I believe the fall of man as a historical fact that pollutes the human nature in total. Therefore, human beings are not able to save himself.

  4. I believe in the grace of a sovereign God to human beings who are not worthy to receive salvation, who has chosen His people in His supreme wisdom is supreme by His eternal decree, and act in a dynamic process of history, to redeem them in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

  5. I believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ through the virgin birth, His sinless life, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension are historical facts that make up the essence and message of the gospel, as the only means to obtain God's salvation.

  6. I believe in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses, contained in his sacrifice that is the substitution, propitiation, redemption and atonement, which gives new life to human beings.

  7. I believe in that the Gospel is the only good news, which provides the basis for a happy life and lasting hope for mankind. Evangelism is:

    • The testimony of true Christians who submit to the commands of God.

    • Creating personal encounters between sinful people and God, through Jesus Christ.

    • The reason that leads saving faith in human heart.

    • The key to church growth and joy in His eternal presence.

  8. I believe in repentance as evidence of new birth in the Holy Spirit which produces true faith in Jesus Christ and produces fruits.

  9. I believe in the anointment of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism in the forms of courage, wisdom, strength, and joy. These bear witnesses for those who obey Jesus Christ's Great Commission.

  10. I believe in the finality of the Gospel, that it is perfect in itself, and cannot be replaced or compared, be it with religious thoughts, philosophy, and good deeds (qualitatively different), or with cultural mandate and social concerns in the faiths of the Orthodox and Evangelicals (only as a complement from pre and post evangelization), or with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the miracles and signs in the Bible (that are sometimes used by God to bear witness to the Gospel). We must maintain the perfection of the Gospel.

  11. I believe in the never-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is able to sustain the Elect and change society through the Elect's testimonies until the day that Jesus returns again.

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