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2 Chronicles 30:1; Exodus 12:1-30


Hezekiah’s insistence for an urgent reformation showed his acute understanding of the Law. And this included the celebration of Passover in the first month of the first year of his sole regency. After all, Passover was a remembrance of the time when Israel was first delivered out of Egypt and gained independence to become a people under God. So, just for today, I want to steer our minds slightly from the text in 2 Chronicles, to consider what Passover meant the very first time it was observed. But let us also at the same time meditate on how this should impact our Christian lives, today.

Hezekiah was acting out of faith when he insisted on celebrating the Passover from the very beginning of his reign; as it signified his insistence not to rely on himself, but rather to trust in God for His providence; and to beseech Him for His grace despite Israel’s sins. Do we similarly insist that our lives be marked by a reliance upon God?


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